TA telecom - Big Data, Analytic Tools and Mobile Technologies.

Harnessing the power of big data, TA Telecom builds mobile content platforms, apps, and analytic tools that drive revenue in the Middle East and Africa. Our innovative products and services deliver:

  • Accurate measures of consumer behavior
  • Future incremental revenue predictions
  • Uncovering untapped bundles that offer incremental revenue increases
  • Profitable revenue growth tools

  • Products

    We deliver mobile value added services, application development and creative marketing solutions for mobile operators, enterprises, brands and NGOs. 

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    Consumer Brands

    TA telecom's mobile services and apps allow customers in the Middle East & Africa to enjoy life coaching tips, daily Islamic inspiration and much more.

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    Latest News

    Technology Paints a Brighter Future for Africa

    Turning tales of hardship into progress, passionate Africans innovatively use technology to improve life on the continent, fueling future human progress and development especially on the continent’s hard-hit rural areas where access to electricity, clean water and landlines is still a luxury.