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The rise of mobile marketing

The buying habits of consumers are constantly evolving, particularly as new technology continues to shape retail. In recent years new technology has largely come in the form of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, which has facilitated the online retail boom.

While technology has shifted our shopping behavior, modern consumers demand a consistent experience across physical and digital retail offerings. Marketers have therefore faced a challenge to adapt to new mediums and platforms, while maintaining true to a consistent, easily identifiable, brand identity.

Mobile marketing platforms

TA Telecom fully understands the need to keep pace. Our mobile marketing offering, Mobise, is the Middle East and Africa’s first regional mobile marketing solutions agency. Founded in 2000, Mobise became a marketing trail blazer by introducing SMS mobile advertising to the retail market, providing innovative mobile marketing campaigns to many of the world’s leading brands, including Pepsi, 7 Up, Galaxy and Virgin Megastores.

In keeping with the nature of the marketing industry, we have constantly developed Mobise's marketing and mobile advertising options. This has ensured Mobise has retained its position as a leading provider of first rate mobile marketing solutions, allowing our partners to

  • Increase foot traffic
  • Consistently generate revenue
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Enhance brand awareness

Customized mobile marketing solutions

Mobise creates mobile marketing campaigns that are based on the overall business objectives of its partners. Our technical team can customize the product to meet specific KPIs. By fully immersing ourselves in our partners’ environment, we deliver mobile marketing solutions that integrate with the organisation’s wider messaging and brand culture.

Mobise mobile marketing solutions are created to appeal directly to its partner’s target audience, helping increase footfall and web traffic. Our creative strategies involve a multichannel approach, engaging customers with

  • Interactive apps
  • SMS campaigns
  • Mobile competitions
  • Customer loyalty initiatives
  • Mobile shopping programs

These campaigns are implemented to maximize attention and better retain customer loyalty in a competitive and over-crowded marketplace.



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