Infotainment Services

The rise of mobile infotainment

Mobile infotainment is the delivery of information-based content in an entertaining way across tablets, feature phones and smartphones. Infotainment takes many forms, from mobile news alerts to mobile gaming content.

Infotainment is becoming a major revenue stream for mobile operators in EMEA, MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa. Mobile infotainment services provide subscribers with customized on-demand mobile content and mobile entertainment services.

As it is subscription-based, infotainment services add value through a steady stream of customised content, that in turn generate additional revenue for mobile operators, significantly raising average revenue per user (ARPU). A broad range of mobile content has also been proven to improve the mobile customer experience and reduce churn.

New media on the go

An effective infotainment portfolio has to cover a broad spectrum of interests and usage. Our interactive media services are built on detailed mobile analytics and consumer insight, which identify new revenue opportunities across the entire subscriber base. Continuous research of the target audience keeps our services at the cutting edge of interactive media.

Our mobile content services are a consumer-focused subset of our market leading value added service offerings. With a decade of experience to call on, we fully understand what it takes to develop useful and entertaining mobile content that captures user attention and deliver quality mobile entertainment.

Infotainment is technology neutral

Our value added services (VAS) around infotainment can be integrated with legacy IT systems and are capable of operating on a wide range of mobile platforms. Our dedicated infotainment services team is also trained in managing the mobile entertainment services of other providers, enabling us to act as a complete managed services provider for infotainment.

Our highly specialized technical teams work in partnership with mobile operators to ensure our infotainment solutions are technically robust and deliver on the mobile operator's key performance indicators (KPIs).

Managed VAS

Infotainment value added services, ranging from daily jokes, to health tips, football goal alerts and money transfers are now a major revenue stream for mobile operators.


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