Effective CSR and Humanitarian Efforts through Mobile technologies

Working with NGOs to accelerate socioeconomic development through mobile technology

We believe mobile technology can have a profound impact on the world around us. Capable of shaping the lives of individuals living in harsh conditions or even the most remote locations, we can band together and use this borderless technology to provide information, aid and assistance to those most in need.

Simplifying Donations

We’ve invested considerable time and resources into the development and introduction of our mobile corporate social responsibility (mCSR) initiative Megakheir. Through this pioneering initiative, we are able to effectively address crucial concerns within our local region and around the world with the timeliest response.

Partnering with the Egyptian Food Bank, the Arab Medics Union and similar NGOs, we have collected substantial donations through subscriber-based mobile applications, enabling us to:

  • Fund more than 250,000 meals for the underprivileged
  • Help raise more than LE1,000,000 for the Somalia relief fund (2011)
  • Develop apps that assist the visually-impaired

We are devoted to the success and continued development of this mission. So we’ve committed to engage all of our employees in a company-wide sense of contribution by encouraging 100% participation in a self-sustainable mCSR project by 2014.


In addition, we are passionately committed to the cultivation of the next generation. As such, our leaders routinely offer mentorship and information to students and aspiring entrepreneurs through presentations at Cairo University, the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, American University in Cairo, Flat6Labs, and the Institute of Internal Education.

These interviews and lectures provide an invaluable opportunity for us to engage in a meaningful give-and-take exchange, offering advice and direction to future designers, developers and industry leaders. Regardless of their chosen profession, each one of them is focused on the future.

And so are we.


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