Reveel - Subscriptions Data Analytics Tool

Millions of dollars are lost to churn annually. But what if you can optimize your marketing strategy, predict future growth opportunities and better analyze your subscriber churn?

Our data analytics tool – Reveel (Performance Index) – demonstrates the value of collecting and analyzing big data for scaling businesses, helping mobile operators best serve customers, as well as grow revenues. Reveel’s evaluation matrix allows mobile operators to rank subscription based services and partners, not just based on revenues but on potentiality and impact on future incremental revenues.

The technology of Reveel is the foundation of Reveel – our spinoff, established at the heart of the world’s brisk technology hub in the U.S. Silicon Valley.

Stop your money-bleed with Reveel:

  • Decide which combination of product or package, customer segment, marketing message and acquisition channel performs best for retention and ROI using our sweet spot report
  • Identify new revenue opportunities you should focus on using our disparity report
  • Uncover untapped bundles that offer incremental revenue increases
  • Learn how your marketing efforts affect customer retention across all products and segments over time