MegaKheir Donations Hit EGP 25M in 2015

Our charity arm and mobile donations platform MegaKheir raised more than EGP 25.3 million in 2015 compared to 20.2 million the year before, helping 29 charitable organizations in their fight against cancer, heart and liver disease, hunger and other vital causes.

Around 1.3 million donors sent more than 5 million SMSs in 2015, bringing donations up by 25.2 percent. 

Giving reaches its peak during Ramadan, with a significant increase in donation activities starting a month before and ending one month after. The three-month charity season represents 65 percent or 16.5 million of total donations in 2015, compared to 62 percent or 12.5 million in 2014. 

Average giving per donor went up by 25 percent, reaching 17.5 during the 2015 Ramadan season compared to EGP14 in 2014. The top giver donated around 14.3 thousand, sending 2.9 thousand SMSs in 2015 up from 9.3 thousand and 1.9 thousand SMSs in 2014.

Users of MegaKheir application doubled in 2015 as donors gradually shift from SMS to the user-friendly alternative. The application helps donors access a full list of causes and charitable organizations, schedule periodic donations and keep track of past donations using the Kheir Meter. Download the app for Android & iOS.