TA Telecom in Venture Beat: African Startups Must Overcome Negative Mindsets

Despite the wealth of incredible tech potential in Africa, emerging startups struggle to find initial investment. The issue is simple: the market is both young and not without risk, and as Jason Pinto of Amadeus Capital puts it: ‘Markets can only mature when a track record has been established.’

Pinto and fellow Amadeus Capital partner Perry Blacher were interviewed by TA Telecom’s Amr Shady in a guest post for Venture Beat, the world’s leading online source for news on technology innovation. In this op-ed, Shady argued that African entrepreneurs can overcome negative investor mind-sets and their funding challenges by identifying their competitive edge and using it to their favour.  

‘We need African success stories to act as a catalyst that will kick-start an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Africa,’ Shady wrote. ‘Just one example of global success originating from the continent can break the psychological barrier.’

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