Diginomica Praises Megakheir’s Inspiring and ‘Rare’ Charity Campaign

We’re extremely proud that our SMS platform and mobile app MegaKheir has led to the donation of approximately $1.67 Million US Dollars to charitable organisations during the holy month of Ramadan. Our success was praised by Diginomica as a rare and pleasing example of ‘making the world a better place.’

We’ve witnessed an incredible growth from just 37,096 transactions in 2012 to over 821,791 this year, and the new mobile app version includes new features such as Shake to Donate, Periodic Donations and News alerts that will transform the act of donating into a seamless effort.

Megakheir’s Director Maissera El Leithy hopes that the new app will increase users’ engagement and responsiveness to the specific needs of these charities.

 ‘Soon, NGOs will be able to send notifications through the app, indicating how much funds required for specific initiatives,’ she says. ‘And users will be able to respond and make a donation on the spot.’

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