TA Telecom Empowers Entrepreneurs with Big Data Workshop at Rise Up 2014

Eager to drive the Egyptian economy and equip young entrepreneurs with cutting-edge tools that guarantee startup success, TA Telecom is holding a workshop at Egypt’s largest three-day entrepreneurial summit held on Oct. 12 at the Greek Campus of the American University in Cairo.

RiseUp Egypt Summit arms young entrepreneurial talents with the key to startup sustainability, providing them with a golden opportunity to mingle with top international and local business experts, attend workshops, and showcase their startup ideas to incubators and well-established companies which started from ground zero like TA Telecom. 

To empower participants with the potential of big data and predictive analytics, TA Telecom is holding a workshop titled “Startup Success = Big Data + Analytics.” Delivered by prominent experts in the field of telecommunications in Egypt, the two-hour session held on Monday Oct. 13, 10 am in Room 1 of the Jameel Building will discuss how embracing the power of big data can boost startups, optimize their strategy and heighten their chances of success.

TA Telecom, which harnesses the power of big data and analytics, generates 1.5 billion push alerts annually and processes more than 840 million charging transactions on its mobile content platforms. This award-winning company provides products that benefit more than 10 million users in the Middle East and Africa mobile market.

Building content platforms, analytic tools and brands for the past 15 years, TA Telecom’s products engage mobile users, drive business success and optimize strategy for diverse stakeholders – mobile operators, enterprises and NGOs. 

Your TA Telecom 3D Key

Your TA Telecom 3D Key

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